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SOLTEK Counter


SOLTEK counters are designed to help you carry out control measurements on dump trucks operating on your territory. High-definition images are automatically captured by a virtual detection system. This application is a precise, fast and proven measurement tool.

The software is equipped with technology that detects and records every event, including the date, time and certain details for each load. This image capture is key to estimating the substance output volume for each operator at any given site. Data is transferred quickly. Each site equipped with a SOLTEK solution therefore receives its own detailed report.

When you use this solution, you can be sure that all operators are treated fairly and that royalty payments comply with municipal bylaws. The tool also allows you to access the data of each event, since PROMOTEK guarantees the storage of your data for 12 months.

Since a main feature of the SOLTEK counters is being powered by solar energy, they are perfect for installation in off-grid locations.

Over the years, PROMOTEK has honed and tested a reliable, self-contained system designed to withstand the rigours of our northern climate. SOLTEK counters are true allies that you can count on at all times.


Soltek Nacelle installation V3 Tiny